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We’re Updating!

You’ve landed on my original (soon to be legacy) website. The new site is up and running with interactive galleries and videos! There's no need to change your bookmarks; I'll be transfering my domain in the near future. In the meantime, please go to my updated website. 

Welcome to the home of The Beam Guy.

Here you'll find the answers to your roof beam questions —
from "What are roof beams?" to "Could my roof really collapse?" 

Roof Beams page is a great starting place; it's more or less a roof beam primer and includes some excellent examples. The site has a Gallery loaded with photos of the best and worst beam repairs in the area, and those with roof beam damage and decay. To find some quick & simple info about all things roof beam, visit the Q & A page. 

Before You Repair page provides you with a list of essential things to ask each person your considering hiring to do any roof beam repair.  If you're looking for information about the architect Carter Sparks, the Streng Bros., or even the nature of dry rot fungi, go to the In Depth page. And for all you MCM fans, remember It’s a Mod Mod World!

On the
About Me page, you'll find a brief history of me and my ties to our community, as well as my personal building code. On the Services page you can learn about the types of roof beam services I offer, including beam restoration.

To see everywhere on the site all at once, or if you ever get lost,
just click on the Site Map link found at the top & bottom of every page.

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