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Beam Restoration & Repair

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You’ve landed on my original (soon to be legacy) Beam Restoration and Repair page. The new site is up and running with interactive galleries and videos! There's no need to change your bookmarks; I'll be transfering my domain in the near future. In the meantime, please go to my updated Beam Restoration and Repair page. 

You can also head to my new homepage. 

Beam Restoration and Repair

My business revolves around providing a well-designed and attractive beam restoration that is both functional and easy to maintain. If you find that your beams are in need of restoration and repair, consider the following about my standard beam restoration  (opens in new window):

  • Standard beam restoration blends seamlessly into the Mid-Century Modern lines of a typical Streng home.

  • Standard beam restoration has been approved by our local building departments.

  • Standard beam restoration has been examined and approved by structural engineers.

  • Standard beam restoration has been approved and recommended by local homeowners' associations.

  • All replacement beam stubs are kiln dried, radio frequency dried, or has been seasoned for at least ten years prior to use. Thoroughly dry beam stock is resistant to future shrinking, warping, and/or cracking.

  • New beam stubs are shaped by hand to match the cross-section of the original beam.

  • All metals used in standard beam restoration are either hot dipped galvanized or zinc plated to resist corrosion.

View  another example of standard beam restoration or see  close-ups in the Gallery.