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You’ve landed on my original (soon to be legacy) Inspections and Estimates page. The new site is up and running with interactive galleries and videos! There's no need to change your bookmarks; I'll be transfering my domain in the near future. In the meantime, please go to my updated Inspections and Estimates page. 

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The typical roof beam inspection is thorough, but not complicated. Truck, ladders, and tools, come with me to every inspection. Each roof beam will be inspected individually to determine if decay is present, and if so, how much. Estimated depth and extent of decay is determined using a long thin probe. Upon completion of the inspection, results and recommendations will be discussed. There is no charge for this service. There is no obligation.



Upon request, a comprehensive estimate will be prepared. This will be sent to you by mail, usually within a week's time. If you then decide to have the proposed work done, just call and schedule. There is no charge for this service. There is no obligation.