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Roof Beam Decay
Roof Beam Decay

Roof Beam Decay

In new construction, some drying-related end cracking (checking), and shrinkage is normal with roof beams. Larger splits and cross-sectional distortion (warping) can also occur during this period. But these fissures, especially at the outer end and top, are notorious for quietly channeling rainwater deep inside the beam. Over time, this cycle creates a condition that encourages the growth of wood-destroying fungi. Dry rot is the by-product of this condition.
Under ideal conditions (dry), wood beams would last indefinitely. The term "dry rot", often used generically to describe decaying matter in wood, is somewhat misleading. Wood must be moist to decay, even though the rot can periodically dry out. The growth of this kind of fungus rot depends on food (wood), water (condensation, rain), air (oxygen), and moderate temperatures. To eliminate one of these is to eliminate the growth. The obvious controllable factor is moisture. 

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